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Fancy Number Banknotes


Many collectors specialize in collecting banknotes with unusual or fancy serial numbers. Some banknotes with sought after numbers can be worth a lot more than those with random numbers.

A serial number that reads the same forwards and backwards is a radar note. For example, number 835538 shown on this note is a radar serial number because you can read the digits backward and it remains the same number.

If all the digits in the serial number are the same, it is called a solid note. Solid notes are extremely rare. Examples are 000000, 555555, 444444, and 888888. Serial number 000000 is usually reserved for specimen notes.
Eight (8) is considered the most lucky number for the Chinese people around the world. The word "eight" in Chinese sounds similar to the word meaning "prosperity". So notes with solid number 888888 are highly in demand. Four (4), on the other hand, is a number to avoid because it sounds similar to the word meaning "death".

Low Serial Number
The lower the serial number, the more valuable is the note. A serial number of 000001 is very hard to get.

A note with a serial number containing just two unique digits is a binary note. An example is number 252255.

When a serial number contains pairs of numbers, it's a doubles note. Examples of doubles are 446600 and 228855.

Serial numbers with a sequence of numbers that repeats itself is a repeater. Serial number 535353 is a repeater.

Consecutive notes are two or more different notes with consecutive serial numbers. You have two consecutive notes if one has a serial number 384655 and the other 384656.

A bookend note has a serial number having the same sequence of digits at both ends. An example is serial number 639563. "63" is the sequence of digits appearing at both the beginning and end of the serial number.

When a serial number with digits either in ascending or descending numerical sequence, it's a ladder note. Examples of ladder notes are serial number 012345 and serial number 765432.

Special Date
If a serial number contains a sequence of digits representing the year of one's birthday or anniversary, then it's a special date note. For example, suppose you were born on October 25, 1967, 10251967 would be your birthday banknote

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